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Whole Foods gets a boost with Amazon Prime Now

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Amazon just added Los Angeles and Orange County to the list of locations where Prime members can get free two-hour grocery delivery from Whole Foods via the Prime Now website or app.

@Amazon just included Los Angeles and Orange County to the areas where Prime individuals can get free two-hour basic supply conveyance from Whole Foods by means of the Prime Now on the website or mobile application. We chose to put in a test request to perceive what the procedure would look like, and furthermore contrast it with a request with one of our benefactors we put in Austin, Texas, the week earlier.

Just in case you’re not acquainted with requesting by means of Prime Now, there’s nothing surprising about the procedure. The main contrast is that Whole Foods has been included as a store. Indeed, even the bundling and conveyance process is the equivalent. In the event that you’ve never given it a shot, we’ll walk you through the entire procedure.

Huge Seection

I was charmingly astounded by the determination included in the Prime Now application. There was definitely not a solitary thing I scanned for that was inaccessible. They had new produce, meat, fish, eggs, dairy… and so on. Be that as it may, our Austin patron noticed that some claim to fame things were not accessible by means of Prime Now. All the more shockingly, be that as it may, was that she couldn’t discover any strawberries in the application, and it’s as of now crest strawberry season in Texas.

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Costs looked equivalent to in-store costs, and I couldn’t recognize any markups. I saw some limited things, in any case, however there was no sign that they were Prime Now restrictive limits. When we completed a value correlation of online versus in-store costs in Austin, there were not many cases of various costs – the request absolute (~$90) possibly shifted by $2.30 when contrasted and costs in the store.

One agony point we ran over in the requesting procedure was the weight ranges recorded when purchasing certain proteins. For instance, in case you’re purchasing chicken or salmon, you can see the cost per pound, however the bundle weight says 0.75 – 1 lbs. This implies two packs of chicken bosoms or salmon filets could weigh 1.5 – 2 lbs consolidated, yet you won’t discover until it’s conveyed. In case you’re planning for 2 lbs and just get 1.5, somebody isn’t having supper that night. This is certainly something Amazon should attempt to comprehend.

Putting in a request was simple. You can scan for explicit things or peruse by classes, for example, vegetables, natural product, meat, and so forth. The main issue I had with my request was that I thought I picked two vine tomatoes, however I really requested two entire vines with four or five tomatoes on each. That was a client mistake on my part. Nothing a major bunch of pico de gallo can’t fathom.

On the off chance that any of your things are out of stock after you put in your request, you will get an instant message with a recommendation for a substitution thing. You can acknowledge or decay by just reacting to the instant message. My request incorporated a jalapeño, which was out of stock, so I got a content inquiring as to whether I needed to purchase the “customary jalapeños.” Because of the mysterious value contrast, and me not completely realizing what a “customary jalapeño” was, I considerately declined. When my request was stuffed up, I got an affirmation content clarifying that the request was prepared and that I would not be charged for my dropped jalapeño.

Looking at was straightforward since Prime Now utilizes the location and installment data put away in your Amazon account. You can likewise choose when you need your basic supplies conveyed. One-hour conveyances cost $4.99, yet in the event that you can hold up two hours it’s free as long as you burn through $35. I picked the following accessible conveyance window, which was among early afternoon and 2 p.m., and my request was conveyed around 12:50 p.m. Not awful by any stretch of the imagination. Conveyance hours in Los Angeles are between 8 a.m. furthermore, 10 p.m.

One thing to note, nonetheless, is that the two-hour window doesn’t begin following you’ve submitted your request. You need to pick from the accessible schedule openings and pick a window that works for you. We put in our Austin request around 3:30 p.m. also, the most readily accessible conveyance window was somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 p.m. The request was conveyed by 6:40 p.m., which was still truly quick. You can generally monitor the advancement of your request in the Prime Now application, and once the conveyance driver is en route, you can follow their area on a guide a similar way you can with your Uber or Lyft drivers.

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On the off chance that you request any liquor, be set up to demonstrate your ID at the season of conveyance.

I utilized AmazonFresh for over a year to get basic needs conveyed to my loft and was for the most part happy with the administration. The one thing that you would never bet on being conveyed entire, however, was eggs. They would regularly get harmed amid conveyance, and when I saw that my Whole Foods basic supplies were stuffed in dainty dark colored paper packs as opposed to something progressively like the protected and strong AmazonFresh sacks, I didn’t have high trusts in the dozen eggs inside. Amazingly, nonetheless, there were no eggs hurt amid the creation of this article.

The pack holding my short-lived things was fixed with a protected air pocket wrap, keeping the things cool and to some degree ensured. You can’t pick to have a request left at your entryway in the event that it contains perishables, liquor, things from neighborhood stores, or in the event that it cost more than $500. So the air pocket wrap is most likely adequate except if you request frozen yogurt on a hot day and live a long way from the store. Nonetheless, my other sack had a few issues. The raspberries had spilled and the juice had begun to drench the paper sack, which in the long run prompted an opening in the base.


I was interested to perceive how the crisp produce would have been chosen by my own customer. Would my tomatoes arrive soft? Would my avocado be hard as a stone or ready? There was no real way to submit demands for how they select your produce, with the goal that’s something to remember whether you’re anticipating utilizing certain fixings that equivalent day.

For the two requests we set, nearly everything was in immaculate condition. My raspberries certainly got smushed sooner or later amid the procedure and my avocado was not prepared to be eaten, yet other than that there was nothing to gripe about.

Is This a Good Deal?

We completed a value examination for 21 unique things, taking a gander at the in-store costs from a Whole Foods store in Austin and those recorded in Prime Now. While there were a few things that were marginally increasingly costly coming up, there was an equivalent measure of things that were less expensive also. Besides, the value distinction was in every case not exactly a dollar all out. Amid checkout, the aggregates were practically indistinguishable. The Prime Now request aggregate (before charges and tip) was $89.43, and the in-store all out was $91.73. With the $9 recommended tip for the Prime Now request (you can alter the sum on the off chance that you need), we paid $98.43.

So is it worth $6.70 to maintain a strategic distance from an excursion to the store for shopping for food? That is extremely an individual decision, yet on the off chance that you end up putting in numerous requests each month, it will begin including. As per information from a review distributed on, Americans arrived at the midpoint of 1.5 excursions to the supermarket every week in 2017. If you somehow happened to select Prime Now conveyances for all your basic supply buys, you would go through around $30 per month least simply tipping your conveyance driver, on the off chance that we accept a normal tip measure of $5. That is a great deal for just not setting off to the market. It makes AmazonFresh appear to be a take at $14.99 per month, since there’s no extra recommended tip. For what reason wouldn’t they be able to simply add Whole Foods to AmazonFresh?

While it doesn’t appear as though there’s a markup on things requested through Prime Now, regardless you’re shopping at Whole Foods. It’s not the most reasonable supermarket around, yet in case you’re as of now a Prime part, it’s another real advantage you get with your participation. It’s speedy and helpful, so I can see myself utilizing it every once in a while. On the off chance that you have the Amazon Prime Visa, you get 5% cashback on every Whole Food buys, which will include through the span of the year in the event that you shop there consistently.

I think this is an easy decision in case you’re a Prime part who for the most part shops at Whole Foods. It’s unquestionably worth attempting at any rate. In the event that you don’t fall into that class, it’s in all likelihood not going to supplant how and where you’re right now purchasing basic supplies. Its comfort is positively decent, yet not having the capacity to ensure you generally get ready avocados, unbruised apples or the perfect measure of meat, for instance, will likely be a hindrance for some. Also the tip sums.

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