Step 4: Theme Options – Homepage Settings

Average [Homepage Settings] setup time: 5:31 minutes

Basic Settings: 2:00 minutes
Homepage Settings: 5:31 minutes
Banner Section: 3:13 minutes
Shop Page: 12:47 minutes
Product Page: 1:00 minute
Footer Above: 10:31 minutes
Footer Below: 3:12 minutes
Testimonials: 3:55 minutes
Blog Setup: 7:08 minutes
Shop Sidebar Widget: 1:17 minutes
Product Review Profile: 6:00 minutes

Copy & Paste

Copy & paste the following code into your homepage banner text section. Watch video to learn more.

<h2>Shop for quality Amazon Echo products</h2>
<p>A simple and creative way to buy and sell Amazon products from active Amazon associates.</p>

<a class="btn" href="">Shop Now</a>

<p>I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to</p>

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Create Basic Pages

Step 2: Upload & Activate

Step 3: Menu Setup

Step 4: Theme Options

Step 5: Add Products