Green Seedless Grapes, 2 lb

By: Betty Cook
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Sweet and juicy grapes

These grapes have a firm texture and a vibrant green color. Enjoy them as a healthy snack or use as an ingredient in sweet and savory dishes. Use them in salads, pies, tarts, chicken salad and more. They are great for health conscious individuals as they are USDA organic.

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amazon fresh green grapes

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Amazon fresh beverages - Green Seedless Grapes
By Betty Cook on

The bag of grapes are fresh and pretty sweet, however each stem looks as if someone along the chain from warehouse to doorstep delivery was doing a good bit of sampling. There are Lots of stems half picked off, and only ten orphans in the bottom of the bag. I received the full weight, but have never seen a bunch of grapes like this before. And yes, I thoroughly washed them after examination.

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