Niko and the Sword of Light

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Chapter Two: The Amulet of Power – Part One. Niko's world has been restored, but a new dark power looms in the shadows, waiting for a chance to strike. Only the fabled Amulet of Power can restore the balance between Light and Dark. Niko and his friends must race against the forces of darkness to protect this mysterious relic, an artifact that may hold clues to Niko's very existence.


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I watched this today with my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter. When it was over, they both immediately asked to watch it again. I was happy to oblige!
Here are a few points I especially loved:
Niko has awesome hair and the “Mad Max” apocalyptic style outfit is fantastic. It is wonderful to see a children’s show with this style character/art and overall feeling, showing that someone can have a mohawk and STILL be a decent person.
Niko speaks in complete sentences, appears to never use contractions or slang, utilizing proper grammar and has an EXCELLENT, mature vocabulary.
I love that Niko’s sword destroys the darkness, NOT the creature and in fact, restores the creature to it’s natural state, whatever animal it had been before it was overtaken with darkness. There are some great lessons in there!
Steampunk Tortoise- excellent bonus.
He makes great decisions and learns from rash or unwise choices. Those lessons are clearly identified and can be discussed with children after the episode.
I also noticed there is no punching, kicking, fighting, etc., only the use of his sword. This is wonderful to see, because it clearly shows that while he can take care of himself and protect himself and his friends, he is not violent. His purpose is to save creatures from the darkness, not to harm anyone. I can totally dig that.
Attitude- While Niko is extremely confident and brave, he does not flaunt it and does not exhibit bad behaviors or attitudes that parents don’t want their children emulating. He speaks with kindness and confidence, but still appears humble and willing to learn. There is no nasty, whining attitude, talking back or name-calling. GREAT!!

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